Falling into style: My aunt’s autumn trends

I credit my love for fashion mostly to my aunt, who has a dress for every occasion and spends her Friday nights styling all of our family members for their outings. She finds joy in sharing her love for fashion, to the extent that she would buy items that she thinks we would like and keep them in her closet “just in case.”

Over the years, her closet became a pile of statement pieces, bits and pieces of every family member and a common ground where we all meet. That is all to say — I enjoy the diversity, versatility and options I have when opening this closet. I enjoy finding things that are finally trending and other classy pieces that I get to keep forever. This closet saves me a lot of stress because I’ll always find something, even if it’s a last minute pick because of my hectic schedule.

Here are some trends we’ve seen rising on runways this fall that I’ve already found in my aunt’s closet:

1. Red as your go-to

There is no way around it. Whether it is bold red, mellow red or vermillion, fringe skirts, maxi dresses or drop earrings, red is the perfect color for the fall. Stella McCartney stood out in its British regalia red across moulded tailoring and coating, with pops of red lipsticks to add a bold piece to minimalist looks.

2. Sweater dresses

I remember when they were considered out of style, but they’re back and stronger than ever. You can find muted but elegant color palettes to go with any accessories with top designers like Isabel Marant and Max and Mara.

3. Shoulder-baring 

It looks like showing a little collarbone is the move this fall, with the option to pair it with a scarf or a sweater off your shoulder. Brands like Carolina Herrera elevated the look with straps and puff sleeves. 

4. Peplum

It is undeniable that Y2k fashion is making its grand comeback, and designers are turning their attention to peplum tops. Balmain showcased its expertly tailored blazers and Paco Rabanne gave a nod to Victorian pocket hoops with metallic fringe.

5. Blazers

Blazers are key to business chic attire. Even if you don’t belong to the corporate world, Miu Miu created the perfect secretary skirts with visible underwear, and GCDS came up with stunning blazer dresses. At many high fashion brands like Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood, oversized blazers with exaggerated shoulders and double-breasted buttons are stealing the show.

6. Art prints

Print trends are successful because they speak to both minimalists and maximalists. This fall collection features different kinds of prints. For example, Fendi took graphic motifs from the ’96 collection and sketches from Karl Lagerfeld’s ’81 collection and used them to create deconstructed knitwear. Loewe, on the other hand, printed images of other dresses on its own dresses. I see those print trends as products of taking inspiration from somewhere and adding a personal touch to the designs. 

This time of the year was made for experimentation, breathing life into vintage clothing and styling them with a twist. If you took note of these trends, your final look would be anywhere from minimalist to maximalist while screaming chic, daring and elegant. A tip that works for all trends and all seasons is to revisit your closet. The missing piece to most outfits almost always exists in your closet. I am starting to believe that keeping a mental map of what you own is a skill with endless benefits. However, acquiring it takes time and this is where my luck comes into play. I send a picture to my aunt who finds me the perfect scarf to complete the look.